I love it when the lows hit my chest. The PA pours out sound, my life gets carried away, roaring ahead. Wandering through life in a classy suit over an edgy sound, playing a few funny melodies, pure or dirty, and then like a defiance, holding this note, this noise, this memory. Almost nothing, just this one life slapping away, beautiful and radical.
Marielle Armand

Thierry Garacino is a musician, composer and artistic director. His career began at Radio France in the early 90’s where he conceived and produced sound design for various programs (eg Bernard Lenoir’s evening show «the Inrockuptible» on national radio France Inter). He then achieved a sound-operator degree at INA and has been working free-lance since, on independant artistic projects in music, multimedia and theatre production.
He also teaches at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris (Sound Techniques Section) and writes for sound-and music-oriented magazines (Recording, Music Sound, KR ...).

After producing both last workpieces ever of French band Matmatah ("La Cerise" LP and "Bande à part" EP), he is now completing the mixing of David Tétard's 4th album entitled "J’ai toujours rêvé d’être un groupe de Rock".

To be continued...